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Computer Radiography (CR)

SUPiA CR, Made in Korea

 SupiaGram Software


SUPiA CR System

Compact & Lightweight

  • The leng is just 636mm, so you can put it on every normal desk​


  • Extremely simple structure design
  • Cassette sorter protects the inside of scanner from dust

Barcode System

  • Automatic cassette size recognition and scanning

Authentic Rigid Type among clinic CRs

  • No damage or scratches to the imageplate during scanning & erasing
  • Scan & Erase with roller
  • No cut-off image in winter or cold conditions


  • 436 x 636 x 196 mm
  • 21.5kg (47.4lbs)


CR Cassette


Three different sizes cassettes are available

  • 14x17 inch
  • 10x12 inch
  • 08x10 inch

DICOM Printer - Made in Korea (Signers)


X-ray Images from our Supia CR and DICOM Printer

CT Lung Images from our DICOM Printer

CT Abdomen Images from our DICOM Printer

MRA Images from our DICOM Printer

Dry Imager (DICOM Printer)

  • SP3000 is a dry imager designed to  output information processed through DICOM network protocol.
  • SP3000 is a two tray printer but it supports 4 film sizes.
  • 8”x10”
  • 10”x12”
  • 11”x14” 
  • 14”x17” Achieve the convenience of multiple sizes.

 The films are daylight.

This is a Multimodality DICOM Printer which able to Print:

1. All kinds of CR images

2. All kinds DR images

3. All vendor CT scan

4. All vendor MRI

5. Any other DICOM compatible images



Printer Specification:

Print Technology – Direct thermal.

Spatial Resolution – 320dpi (12.6 pixels/mm)

Film Tray – Two supply tray, 100-sheet capacity

Grayscale Contrast Resolution – 14bit

External dimensions – 730 (W) x 566 (D) x 415 (H) mm

Weight – 110 lb (Approx. 50kg)


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