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FPD Software


Main Features

  • Image Stitching – Up to 3 images (Whole spine and Extremities auto pasting).
  • DICOM File Management (Import, Export, Editing)
  • Export images into different format.
  • Auto sending email of DR images into Various format Referred Physicians.
  • Transmit Images to PACS Server
  • DICOM Printing and Paper Printing in Inkjet and Laser Printer Directly from DR software.
  • 100% Film with Multiple layout in all Film Size.
  • CD Burning with CD Viewer
  • Image Manipulation with all standard and ChiroView tools.
  • Display the Studied Images Side-by-Side
  • Adding Annotation Text, Graphics and Electronic Markers to an Image
  • Support Multi Detector – Up To 3 Detectors
  • Room sharing Functionality.

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