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Digital X-Ray-500mA with High Resolution FPD


Digital X-Ray-500mA with High Resolution FPD

 - This digital radiography system using state of art High resolution flat panel   detectors allows to take full advantage of the benefits in the modern hospital environments.



Operation Software
  • XMARUVIEW V1 software presents a comprehensive set of X-ray image analysis tools through the use of an fast and easy-to-use interface. XMARUVIEW offers high performance image processing and measurement functions with Auto stitching function for full spine and extremities.
X-ray Generator
  • High frequency generator ensures minimum patient dose, excellent reproducibility, and superior image contrast.
Flat panel detector
  • Flat panel detector for digital radiographic applications delivers high sensitivity, high resolution, low noise and superb image quality. Portable flat panel detector provides unlimited clinical applications.
Tube stand
  • Ergonomically designed tube stand provides the operator with faster and easier movement for table and stand examinations.
Bucky stand
  • Wide range of vertical travel (400 ~ 1,800mm) allows exposures to be carried out from the cervical spine to the lower extremities.
Bucky table
  • The robust table design allows the examination of obese patients, with a table weight capacity of up to 150kg. Due to the footswitch integrated into the table base the operator can care the patient safely without any unexpected movement of the tabletop.

The system can be used as a dual 17” X 17” detector system or a single 14” X 17” detector system or a single 17” X 17” detector system.


Specification of the System

Generator DRE140
Max. Output 40kW
mA range 10 ~ 500mA
kV range 40 ~ 125kV
mAs range 0.4 ~ 630mAs
Power supply 1Ø 220VAC 50/60Hz
Exposure time 0.004 ~ 10sec
No. of APR 216
Option AEC
X-ray tube DRE140
Focal spot 1.0/2.0mm
Anode heat capacity 100kJ (140kHU) or 210kJ (300kHU)[Option]
Target angle 16°
Voltage range 40 - 125kV
Weight 16kg
Permanent filtration 0.9mmAl

Flat Panel Detector

17*17 Size

14*17 Size




Active Area

422.7 x 422.7 mm

 358(H) x423(V) mm (14" x 17")

Active Pixels

3,328 x 3,328px

 3,328(V) x 2,816(H) px

Pixel Pitch



Limiting Resolution

 Min. 2.5 / Max. 3.93 lp/mm

 3.9 lp/mm

A/D Conversion

14/16 bits

 14/16 bits

Preview Time

≤ 2 Sec

 ≤ 2 Sec




Energy Range

40~150 kVp

 40~150 kVp

Dimension(W x L x H)

460 x 460 x 15.5 mm

 417 x460 x 15 mm


4.0 kg (8.81 lbs)

 3.5 kg (7.5 bs) (Approx.)

The specifications listed on this website are subject to change without prior notification.
  • This product is a medical device, and users must carefully read the safety instructions and operating instructions.
Collimator DRE140/150
Power supply 1Ø 24VAC 50/60Hz
Max. kVp shield 35 x 35cm at SID 65cm
Inherent filtration 1.2mmAl
Lamp luminosity Over 160Lux
Lamp time 30sec
Field size control Manual


Tube Stand

Vertical travel distance 1,400mm
Transverse travel distance 260mm
Min. Tube height (from floor) 550mm
Max. Tube height (from floor) 1,950mm
Column rotation ±90°
Tube rotation ±180°
Longitudinal travel distance 2,400 ~ 3,000mm
(floor ceiling fixed type)
1,500mm (floor fixed type)
Power supply 24VDC, 3A
Weight DRE140/150


Bucky Stand


Vertical travel distance 1,400mm
Min. Tube height (from floor) 400mm
Max. Tube height (from floor) 1,800mm
Power supply 1Ø 16 ~ 24VAC 50/60Hz
Weight 120kg
Application DRE140/150


Bucky Table


Table top size 2,000 x 745mm
Table top height 670mm
Table top material Acryl
Longitudinal Travel distance ±280mm
Transverse travel distance ±140mm
Bucky travel distance ±230mm
Max. patient weight Max. 150kg
Power supply 1Ø 220VAC 50/60Hz
Weight 160kg
Application DRE140/150


Types of System

Recommended Installation room Layout




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